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Bath Tub Size

Using a measuring tape measure the edge of the tub from one end to another for height and width.

Bath tub size. The orchard square edge single ended bath 1700mm x 700mm is a great example of a standard bath size. Standard bathtub dimensions in metric system. Common or standard dimensions for a freestanding bathtub are. Bathtub supplier kl we are bathroom supply store with various types of hot tubs massage tubs and swim spas specialist in malaysia we supplier install top of the line premium bathtub brands in malaysian market modern depot pegasus hydroone more.

These baths have a width of 800 millimeters or bigger and are often seen in freestanding baths. How to measure a bathtub. To measure the height of the bathtub take measurement from the floor to the top. A large bath size for example measures 1800 millimeters long or longer.

Bath tubs can define your bathroom space and let you revel in comfort and luxury after a long day. There are also small and compact baths. If you dont get a round figure take a number that is close to the standard size. They differ in their height however which is normally around 30.

Walk in tubs are usually alcove style and are generally the same average size of 60 inches in length and 30 inches in width. Small freestanding bathtubs can run 55 inches long458ft 27 inches wide 225ft with a water depth of 15125ft. They are elegant and attractive as well as being easy to maneuver around. Whirlpools will have the same dimensions as a regular bathtub except they might be not available in every standard sizes and usually refer as a bigger capacity and specifications products.

Bath tub fillers view more close if you are looking for bath tubs for you and your family simply head to jaquar to buy the best bath tubs in india. As the average uk bathroom is around 23m x 27m in size this would make sense as it still leaves at least 07 metres or 1 metre of clear space depending on the orientation of your bath. 60 inches long 5ft 30 inches wide 25ft with 19 inches of water depth 189ft. A shelf can be installed at the back of an alcove tub for the shorter 54 models but for the larger 72 tubs they may need to be installed along a wider wall in the bathroom since they wont fit in most bathrooms with an alcove.

The standard bathtub size for an alcove tub measures five feet long. The smallest size freestanding bathtubs are generally 55 inches long 27 inches wide and 15 inches deep.