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Dumbbell Press

Trainer david jack demonstrates how to perform the perfect overhead dumbbell press.

Dumbbell press. Try this compound exercise today to build stronger arms and shoulderssub. Crossfit seminar staff member james hobart demonstrates the dumbbell press. When performing the exercise on a flat surface 90 degrees it recruits most of the muscle fibers in your pectoralis major. The dumbbell military press is one type of shoulder press you can use to strengthen your upper body.

Most of these fibers are located in the medial. Because you have to balance the dumbbells individually it also contributes to strong core development. Here we talk steps and tips for doing this exercise using a bench or while. Generally lifters will have an easier time setting up and controlling two relatively lighter weights.

For more info on crossfits trainer courses. The dumbbell press allows you to specifically target chest muscles giving you greater strength and definition. The dumbbell bench press is like the younger brother of the barbell bench press. Alternating dumbbell bench press if youre using dumbbells rather than a barbell with the aim of evening out any strength imbalances in your body the alternating version of the exercise is one.